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Scanning & Digitizing

Landau Chartworks specializes in large format scanning services for facilitators and graphic recorders.

Our scanners are different because we:
  • can take media up to 5 feet wide and infinite in length.
  • accept charts with chalk pastels, airbrush, post-it’s, taped magazine paper and photos without damage to the charts or the scanner
Our service to you is different because we:
  • Know that colors and clarity are important. Your yellows will stay yellow, your post-it’s with the little hen scratches of handwriting will be made visible.
  • We are perfectionists too! – if you misspelled a word, misplaced an icon, have correction tape to cover a boo-boo, or forgot to underline an important quote – we can easily fix that.
  • Understand timeliness – once your charts arrive, we will scan them and upload the digital files while the information is fresh in everyone's minds.

Photoshop Editing

Landau Chartworks got its start taking pictures with a medium format camera and cleaning the images up in Photoshop. Fortunately the scanner does this for us much faster and with impeccable clarity. If you or your client cannot afford the scanning prices but would still like a digital file of your charts, we do offer clean up services of your digital pictures. See our FAQ page for helpful guidelines to get the best image possible.

Large Format Printing & Templates

Landau Chartworks uses a 44” wide color ink jet printer to reproduce your charts or to print templates. We also provide a wide range of products to suit your client’s needs.

Templates can be created by you on a 8 ½” x 11” paper. Simply scan this drawing at high resolution and email to us. We can then blow this up to whatever size you need and print templates from your drawing.

Besides full size prints and templates, a couple popular products are:

Banner prints: These are usually 1-2 feet high reproductions of your charts. These have been used to put up in cubicles or office wall to help keep an important visual available.

Placemats: These are small templates usually about 1’ x 2” which will await each participant at their table. Important thoughts and personal input can be written on these to assist the group process.

Workbooks & Reports

Once your charts have been digitized we can create a printed and bound workbook and/or a .pdf binder.

Each customer is unique so you can choose among various elements you want included in the final workbook.

Some options include:
  • Title page -includes a favorite icon from one of the charts along with Workshop info (date, location, etc)
  • Picture collage - pictures taken of people during the event can be made into a collage to be included at the end of the report
  • Page numbers
  • Footnotes
  • A black line box drawn around each chart to give it a frame – this can include a drop shadow if you like
  • Added annotations to add meaningful details to each chart
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