About Landau Chartworks

Since 1999, Landau Chartworks has been working with graphic recorders and facilitators worldwide to deliver large format scans and prints of the highest quality. We have continued to grow and thrive through word of mouth alone. We know what is important to our customers: personal service. We strive to exceed all of your expectations by delivering top quality digital files of your charts within a day.

There is no job too far-fetched for us to tackle! Post-its, pictures, taped magazine clippings, light pastels, rips in the paper, or correction tape - the final product as delivered in a digital file makes your chart look brand new.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my charts ready to send and be digitized. What do I do next?

Go to our ORDER FORM link on the homepage. You can either fill out the Online Order Form, or print the PDF, fill out the information and send it wrapped around your charts. Next, package up your charts to be shipped. A link to helpful instructions on how to package your charts is also on the right side of this page. If you need a quote for the job or have any other questions, please email us at info@chartworks.us.

What is your standard turnaround time?

Your files are guaranteed to arrive in your Inbox 48 hours from our receipt of your charts. But…insiders tip….if you give us notice to expect your charts with a heads-up email to info@chartworks.us we can usually get you the digital files THE DAY the charts arrive.

What is the maximum size of chart you can scan?

Our scanner accepts charts up to 54 inches wide by infinite in length.

How do I know what size to have my scans reduced to?

Generally, most graphic recorders have handwriting about the same size. A 4x8 foot chart can easily be reduced to letter size. If it is larger than 4x8 feet, or your chart is packed full of words and pictures (hardly any white space at all) then ledger size would be a good way to go.

For Digital File Clean-Up, what is the best format and size to send you my digital photograph of my chart?

Please send your highest resolution picture. Higher than 72 dpi is preferred.

What are your tips for taking the best quality picture for clean-up?
  • Select the highest resolution possible, or the highest quality of photo. 
  • Use a tripod if possible so that when/if you take the two pictures, they are at the same height and distance from the chart. 
  • Make sure your chart is nice and flat on the wall – wrinkles cause shadows and can distort the color of the pens/pastels etc.
  • The most important/helpful point to note is to make sure there is EVEN LIGHTING. A photo taken without any overhead lights or lights at all is much better than one with lights. The ideal situation is in front of a window on an overcast day - with no lights on inside. 
  • As for using a flash - I’d suggest you take two versions - one with a flash and one without and I can let you know what works best going forward. 
  • For charts up to 4’ x 6’ one photo should do the trick, but if you want to have a final file that is bigger than Letter size, I’d suggest taking two photos - one of the left and one of the right side of the chart - with an overlap of at least 2 feet in the middle.
  • Special note - light grey and light blue markers or pastels are the most difficult to preserve when taking pictures and making the background white. I’m not saying this to stop you from using these super useful/helpful colors in your illustration, but to make you aware that these do get affected and you may lose some of the color/fullness of these colors if you use them. In scanning, everything stays exactly as you created it, but taking photos is a compromise!
Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes, we reduce our rates on jobs with 20 or more scans.

I have Post-it's and pictures taped to my chart - can they be scanned?

Yes, no problem! We will have to tape down one edge of the post-its (the side that is rolled through the scanner). There will be a charge for the time spent preparing the charts to scan. This is billed by the quarter hour.

How do I receive my digital files?

Once the charts have been scanned and sized to your specifications, we instantly email a Dropbox link to the addresses specified on your Order Form. You do not need to have a Dropbox account to access the files. You can also forward this link on to others who would like the files.

My company’s firewall will not allow us to access Dropbox. How can I receive the files?

Please specify on the Order Form that you are unable to access Dropbox. We can send you the smaller files in the body of an email.  For larger files that exceed the limits of email, you will need to provide us with a way to send them to you.

How do I ship the charts to the studio?

Please click on the 'Instructions to FedEx' link on the right of this page to access a PDF file which will give you detailed instructions on how to roll up the charts, package them, and send them to our studio.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in the world. However due to recent issues with International Shipments, we ask you provide your account number and there will be a small fee for us to handle the customs and international shipment forms.

How does your billing work?

Once the job has been scanned and sent, we will send the invoice via email to the name indicated on the Order Form.  In the US, we accept payment via check, or instantly online either through your bank account number or with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express. In Canada, you can pay by e-transfer or mail us a check.


"I can't imagine doing this work without Landau Chartworks! My clients are blown away by the quality of the shoot-downs ... I consider it an integral part of my service offering. The turnaround time is exceptional, and we truly work in partnership to serve my clients. I will never use anyone but Landau Chartworks -- unparalleled quality, service, and personalized care!"

Sue Keely

"Mark and Jessica are a dream to work with. They are truly customer focused. The digital copies come out crystal clear and can be sized to meet any requirements my clients have set. Mark has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me with “impossible” deadlines and patiently answers questions by phone, text and email. I recommend Landau Chartworks as the “go-to” place for scanning your charts."

"Landau Chartworks delivers high quality scans and excellent service. I trust them with all of my work and my clients love the intense colors and quality that comes with Landau."

Teresa Blakinger

“Chartworks' digital versions of live graphic recordings extend the usefulness of the visuals, and allow my clients to re-purpose their ideas and information to a variety of media and… "they're miracle workers!"

“Thank you thank you for being a magical unicorn! I’m so happy with the work you did for us this week!  A million thank you’s for being so delightful to work with and for paying such close attention to detail.”

Sherrill Knezel

"THANK YOU for the great work you do!  I can always count on your promptness and professionalism. I so appreciate working with you and Mark."

MJ Broadbent

"As a graphic facilitator, being able to provide my clients with immaculate digital scans of the large-format visuals I co-created with them — often very shortly after the fact — is pure gold. The good folks at Chartworks really make my originals shine, and I can rely on their attentive, top-quality service delivery. Landau Chartworks is an integral part of the way I deliver lasting value to my clients."

Christine Walker

"Chartworks is the best scanning service I've used! I recommend it without hesitation. They produce clean, vivid scans, true to color and detail. They can retain subtle tones of pastel without "fattening" the other line qualities or distorting the colors. I appreciate that they can scan small or large scale - and that their turnaround is often quicker than promised. The delivery of the master digital scans, any versions ordered, and return shipping of the actual murals is professional. If I need them to communicate directly and professionally with my clients on that delivery, I trust them to do so."